Hardship License

Christine Marotteck -

This request is reserved for Initial General Contractor Applications and Monetary Limit Increase Requests ONLY. A Hardship request cannot be used to expedite renewal processing.

In order for a contractor to be reviewed prior to the next scheduled Board meeting in order to obtain a new or revised license they must meet the criteria as an undue hardship on the owner of the project (not the contractor) or be in the best interest of the public safety and welfare. See T.C.A. § 62-6-111(k)(3) and Rule 0680-1-.02(2).

Contractors must complete the application process in its entirety to be considered. They must also provide a written request describing the hardship from the owner (not the contractor). The hardship letter must include:

  • Details of the Hardship
  • Reason the Application Process Must Be Rushed
  • The need to use this particular contractor and not a contractor who already has a license
  • Describe the project and location
  • When needed (bid date)

The Hardship Request Form can be found here


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